Deuteronomy in the New Testament (Library of New Testament Studies)

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He was also co-editor of Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament. He furnishes a fresh translation from the Hebrew and discusses questions of text, philology, historical background, and literary architecture, and then proceeds with a critically informed, theological interpretation of the text. This book of Jeremiah offers a remarkable range of literature, including prose, poetry, homilies, oracles, and proverbs.

This commentary understands the book as a work of religious literature, to be examined in its final form, yet with careful attention to the historical contexts of writing and development through which the text took shape. Through it all, Leslie C. Allen identifies a trajectory of grace, in which the proclamations of doom can be understood within the context of promises for a renewed future. Leslie C. The Old Testament Library provides an authoritative treatment of every major and important aspect of the Old Testament. This commentary on Lamentations offers a fresh translation, discussing questions of historical background and literary architecture before providing a theologically sensitive exposition of the text.

Adele Berlin is Robert H. This volume brings to life the ministry and message of one of the most neglected of the major Old Testament prophets, and illuminates one of the most fascinating chapters on the history of Israel. Walther Eichrodt is the author of several books on the Old Testament, including three volumes in the Old Testament Library series. The book of Daniel is a literary rich and complex story known for its apocalyptic style. Written in both Hebrew and Aramaic, the book begins with stories of Daniel and three Jewish young men Hananiah Shadrach , Mishael Meshach , and Azariah Abednego who are exiles among the remnant from Judea in Babylon in sixth century B.

Newsom further analyzes Daniel from literary and theological perspectives. Carol A. This commentary presents a form critical perspective from well-known scholar on the Minor Prophets, James Mays. He presents critical and theological information and discusses possible redactions to the text. Mays is Cyrus M. In Joel and Obadiah , John Barton furnishes a fresh translation of the ancient manuscripts and discusses questions of historical background and literary architecture. Just as with other commentaries in this series, the author provides a theologically sensitive and critically informed interpretation of the text.

Deuteronomy: Old Testament Library [OTL] (Hardcover)

Jorg Jeremias presents a critical presentation of this Minor Prophetic book, positing that the book was created in stages, both exilic and post-exilic. His creative reconstruction of its formation is a unique and insightful help for students and teachers alike.

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In this volume, James Limburg examines Jonah with several questions in mind: How did the story originate? What is its place in the Bible? How did the New Testament understand the story? How has the story been understood in Judaism and in Islam? What might it mean for people today? And what does it have to say about God, about the human condition, and even about God and nature? In reviewing the book, Limburg gives special attention to the many contributions of artists, musicians, painters, and sculptors who, he says, may have been the best interpreters of Jonah.

He also keeps in mind the literary dimension of the text and takes great care to follow the divisions of the book as they were defined by Jewish scribal tradition. Paul, Minnesota. This much-needed commentary provides an authoritative guide to a better understanding of the often-neglected book of Micah. It gives insight into the individual sayings of Micah, to the way they were understood and used as they were gathered into the growing collection, and to their role in the final form of the document.

However, many of us do not know the circumstances that led the prophet to these famous words. This serious commentary by Daniel Smith-Christopher analyzes the historical, social, and literary context of the book of Micah. Smith-Christopher presents a challenging perspective on Micah, who is here represented as an angry opposition figure to King Hezekiah and the Jerusalem elite. Daniel L. This commentary builds on the work of previous scholarship and addresses contemporary issues. It gives serious attention to questions of textual criticism, philology, history, and Near Eastern backgrounds and is sensitive to the literary conventions characteristic of the prophetic literature of the Old Testament.

The book is an earnest attempt to hear the message of the ancient prophets, a message that remains relevant today. Critical and historical components contribute to a helpful and balanced work from commentator, David L. His fresh and authoritative treatment of these important Minor Prophets help students of the Word better understand the Old Testament. David L. Peterson was educated at the College of Wooster and Yale University. Peterson currently serves as professor of Old Testament at Emory University. Petersen presents a critical approach that links the text to the historical setting in which it was written.

This general survey covers a key topic for understanding the plan of God for his people throughout the Old Testament. Peter R. Ackroyd attended Downing College in Cambridge and upon graduation he was an Anglican minister, university lecturer, as well as a Congregational minister. In the first of two volumes, a comprehensive history of Israelite religion is offered as a strong addition to the Old Testament Library series. A rich treatment of their mode of worship draws from multiple books of the Bible. This much-anticipated second volume of A History of Israelite Religion begins at the period of the exile and carries the investigation of Israelite religion to the period of the Maccabean revolt, thereby concentrating its focus on a period given less prominence in other studies of the type.

Alberto Soggin interacts with the Hebrew Bible in this standard survey, now in its third edition.

How was the Fragment discovered? (The University of Manchester Library)

His critique of these texts as a whole provide a nuanced and helpful discussion suitable for an academic audience. Alberto Soggin — was an internationally renowned biblical scholar and the author of many books on the Old Testament and Old Testament history. Jewish wisdom flourished under Hellenism in the books of Ben Sira and the Wisdom of Solomon, as well as in a recently discovered sapiential text from Qumran. In this book, internationally known author John Collins presents a compelling description and analysis of these three texts and their continuing wisdom traditions.

John J. Horst Preuss begins a comprehensive, two volume analysis of the theology of the Old Testament with this edition. This highly applicable study provides a theological lens through which to properly understand many of the books of the Old Testament and their relation to the whole. He published several books on Old Testament and Old Testament theology. In this second volume continuation of his scholarly work, Horst Preuss provides a comprehensive analysis of the theology of the Old Testament.

This book, the first of two volumes, offers a comprehensive profiling of the theology contained in the Old Testament. Theology of the Old Testament, Volume Two , the second of two volumes, offers a comprehensive profiling of the theology contained in the Old Testament. The first New Testament Library volume to focus on a Gospel, this commentary offers a careful reading of the book of Mark.

OT Bible Studies by Scripture

Internationally respected interpreter M. Eugene Boring brings a lifetime of research into the Gospels and Jesus into this lively discussion of the first Gospel. The Old Testament is a wonderful collection of ancient material with some of the most exciting stories ever told—stories that have had a tremendous effect upon contemporary forms of entertainment from novels to movies.

Have fun. Enjoy the process.

The Old and New Testament Library Series (63 vols.)

Learn about biblical poetry. Learn about type scenes and literary genres, prophecy, and proverbs. I believe that making the Old Testament fun can lead readers to serious reflection upon this material. And that reflection can inspire contemporary readers in the same way it did the New Testament authors and the prophet Joseph Smith. So there you have it. I hope it helps and that you enjoy a wonderful year. Part of the Contemporary Studies in Scripture series. Cart: 0 Log in or Create an account. Foster Newell G. Bringhurst for Saints, Slaves, and Blacks, 2nd ed. By David Bokovoy. The Old Testament is not a book.

It is a library. What I mean by that statement is that readers should not treat the Old Testament as they would a contemporary history book or even the Book of Mormon. The Old Testament does not contain a clear beginning, ending, or central thesis in fact, the books appear ordered differently in Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish Bibles.

Instead, the Old Testament is a collection of separate books written by different authors over a thousand-year period with different views on God, history, morality, and culture. Since the Old Testament is not a single book, it does not contain a single perspective on almost any topic of importance.

It is wrong, therefore, to ever speak of such issues as the biblical perspective on marriage or the biblical perspective on God. Leviticus Since the Bible contains a variety of unique and contradictory perspectives written by separate authors over a thousand-year period, I believe that it is best for religious readers to treat the work as a sourcebook rather than a textbook. Peabody , Mass. Sheffield : Sheffield Academic Press, Evans and James A.

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