Evidence-Based Health Communication

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This classification scheme does no necessarily consider all dimensions of quality, such as statistical significance, effect size e.

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Considerations for Implementation

Search HealthyPeople. Year Published:. Description of Resource:. Based on strong evidence of effectiveness for producing intended behavior changes, health communication campaigns that use multiple channels, one of which must be mass media, combined with the distribution of free or reduced-price health-related products, are recommended.


Professor Ron Carter is co-founder with Dr Crawford of the Health Language Research Group at Nottingham and is an internationally renowned linguist, with interests in spoken language, corpus linguistics, vocabulary and the grammar of spoken English. Evidence-Based Health Communication. This book provides a comprehensive and critical review of the field of health communication and the kinds of evidence that have been collected concerning effective communication.

Chapter 4 The narratives of illness. Communication can be used to create health-seeking behavior, on the demand side, and as a means to improve the quality of in-service counseling, on the supply side.

In the context of HIV, communication can motivate people to use condoms, seek voluntary medical male circumcision, get tested, obtain their results, promote access to treatment, link people living with HIV to care, support retention in care and help reduce stigma. The evidence in general points to health communication interventions as being cost-effective in achieving behavior change in many contexts, at least relative to the alternatives. With that said, communication interventions alone cannot overcome the challenges of HIV and AIDS in the absence of high-quality prevention and care services.

But by the same token, biomedical interventions alone are unlikely to succeed without communication support that improves quality services and counseling, publicizes and explains these services and improves provider—client interactions, among other things. There are many complementary roles that health communication and biomedical prevention and care programs can play with numerous opportunities for synergy.

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The database is a compendium of evidence to date that demonstrates the impact of health communication on HIV-related outcomes including:. Using data to ensure scientifically sound investments will yield the greatest impact, the evidence outlined here makes the case for the value of health communication across each core HIV intervention area as defined by PEPFAR 3. To reach the ambitious targets defined by PEPFAR and other global bodies, strategically deployed health communication is essential to improve HIV-related outcomes as demonstrated through the evidence in this resource.