JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy

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One JFK conspiracy theory that could be true

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But now that My Friend the Fanatic: Travels with a Radical. A nation once synonymous with tolerance, Indonesia, the fourth-most populated country in the world and Allen Dulles had been instrumental in arranging, with Gehlen for this most unusual conversion of one of Hitler's most sinister generals into an officer in the U. Army officers. The senior officer of this plan was Eisenhower's chief of staff, Gen.

Also involved in this plan was Col. Army officials in this unprecedented move of Hitler's own intelligence chief, Gehlen, directly into the U. Army as an officer by a special act of the Congress. This was not a casual incident. The move, planned before the end of the war with Germany and directed from the top, was a classic example of the work of the power elite.

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Shortly after the passage of the National Security Act of , the National Security Council met, on December 19 of that year, for the first time. National Security Council Directive 4 directed the newly appointed director of central intelligence, Adm. Roscoe Hillenkoetter, "to carry out covert psychological warfare," much against his own professional desires.

To this end, a "special procedure group" was set up immediately, and, among other things, it became involved in the covert "buying" of the nationwide election in Italy.

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This early covert operation was considered successful, and in the National Security Council issued a new directive to cover "clandestine paramilitary operations, as well as political and economic warfare. As quoted earlier, "The deepest cover story of the CIA is that it is an intelligence organization.

JFK: The CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy by L. Fletcher Prouty

Of course, the ostensible reason given in most instances for this unusual action was that these Nazis were scientists and technical experts whose skills would be useful in the United States and that it was necessary to keep them out of the hands of the Soviets. As we know today, this was hardly the truth.

It was Wisner who had arranged a transfer of a large number of prisoners of war from the Balkans via Turkey and Cairo in the fall of In his new position with the OPC, Wisner was able to control a large group of Eastern European agents in a massive network of spies. At the same time, he could protect them and their U.

The OPC was a little-known, most unusual organization, especially within the U. As initially created, the OPC was totally separate from the CIA's intelligence collection another function not specifically authorized by law and analysis sections. The OPC's chief had been nominated by the secretary of state and approved by the secretary of defense. The funds for this office were concealed, as were much of the CIA funds, in the larger budget of the Department of Defense.

Policy guidance and specific operational instructions for the OPC bypassed the director of Defense. In other words, the OPC was all but autonomous. It is in this example of the OPC that we discover most clearly how the new invisible army was brought into the government and created in secrecy. There was no law that authorized such an organization or the wide range of covert functions it was created to perform.

As we see, this most covert office was buried as deep within the bureaucracy as possible, and its many lines to agents and secret operations were untraceable. Despite all this secrecy, however, the OPC grew from about three hundred personnel in to nearly six thousand contract employees by A large part of this sudden growth was due to the additional demands for covert action and other special operations that grew out of the Korean War and related activities.

One of the first things Gen. Walter B. This brings up another important characteristic of the invisible army. While the CIA administered the operations of this fast-growing organization, with its six thousand employees, it could always rely upon the military for additional personnel, transport, overseas bases, weapons, aircraft, ships, and all the other things the Department of Defense had in abundance. One of the most important items provided regularly by Defense was "military cover.

L Fletcher Prouty

The cover or invisible operational methods developed by the CIA and the military during the s are still being used today despite the apparent demise of the Cold War, in such covert activities as those going on in Central America and Africa, and even in such highly specialized activities as the preparation of "assassination manuals" of the type that was written by the CIA and discovered in Nicaragua in That manual was only a later version of one developed by the CIA in the s. Today all of this clandestine activity amounts to big business, and the distinction between the CIA and the military is hard to discern, since they always work together.

Not only was this type of underground warfare secret, but so were its methods. Discerning readers were not surprised, then, to discover on an inside page of the New York Times on July 25, , a tiny two-inch article, datelined Zaragoza, Spain, describing one of these Cold War battles, being fought with these secret tactics.

A military tribunal ruled Tuesday that officers, Capt.

JFK files reveal CIA plots, Oswald's Cuba connection

Carlos Aleman and Lieut. Jaime Iniguez, had been overzealous in carrying out orders. Jesus del Monte. This bizarre incident occurred in Spain. Similar events, using the same tactics, take place somewhere in the world almost daily, despite the apparent demise of the Cold War. They have one unique characteristic, seldom if ever seen in regular warfare, that sets them apart. Incidents such as this one, reported by the Times, serve to incite warfare rather than to bring it to an end. To give the age-old concept new meaning, "They make war These will be discussed in later chapters.

It is important to note that tens of thousands of foreign "paramilitary" and Special Forces troops have been trained at various U. Some of it takes place at American universities and even in manufacturing plants, where advanced equipment for this type of warfare is being made. Then there are the paramilitary forces of other nations that have been trained in the Soviet Union.

Today these graduates, by the tens of thousands, are the leaders of the "elite" forces of many countries and the professionals used to breed a world of international terrorists. For the most part, they are not individuals or members of some small group, but participants in a most sophisticated, worldwide complex of organizations. The Spanish example is a perfect case study in describing the methods and tactics of such units. For illustrative purposes, examples of operations in other countries will be merged with the Spanish example to portray more comprehensively the potential of these tactics.

The Spanish army's Special Forces troops had been ordered to "stage a mock invasion of a town and to make it [look and feel] as realistic as possible. This is one of the secret methods of the secret war. These special armed forces are used as agitators. It is as though the fire department were being used to start fires, the police department employed to steal and kill, and doctors ordered to make people sick, to destroy their brains, to poison them.

First of all, as stated so accurately in Leonard Lewin's Report From Iron Mountain, 1 "allegiance [to the State] requires a cause; a cause requires an enemy," and " Ever since the Bravo detonation of the hydrogen bomb, the world's political, economic, and military system has had to be bipolar. Those without massive weapons and the means to deliver them could not possibly take part effectively in such global warfare.

It has been politically necessary for each major power to have an enemy, even though both major powers knew that they no longer had any way to benefit from a traditional "all-out" war. Neither one could control its own destiny or its own society without the "threat" of the other. All leaders of all nations know that, as stated in Report From Iron Mountain, "The organization of a society for the possibility of war is its principal political stabilizer.

The Spanish application of this tactic of the secret war is interesting and threatens us all.

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In this case, the two army officers had been ordered to attack a town, with regular Spanish troops albeit some of them disguised as natives , and to make it look and feel realistic. As undercover warriors, they were trained to do this. No doubt, some were trained in the United States, where many of the weapons, activities, and techniques mentioned below are used in training. Under other conditions at other times, these same trained men might have been told to hijack a civilian aircraft; they might have been told to run a mock hostage operation.

There is no difference. The only military objective of these battles, and of this type of global conflict, is to create the appearance of war itself. Now, the Spanish, for reasons of their own, had decided to teach this town a lesson. To initiate this campaign, a psychological-warfare propaganda team arrived in town. They put up posters, made inflammatory speeches in the village square and showed propaganda films on the walls of buildings at night to stir up the village, warning of the existence and approach of a band of "terrorist-trained insurgents.

Flares and rockets filled the sky. A helicopter gunship or two joined the mock battle scenario. By the time this Special Forces PsyWar team left that town, the whole region had been alarmed by the presence of these "insurgents. A few nights later, these two Spanish army officers was the CIA involved? The "insurgents" took off their uniforms and donned native garb, the uniform of the "Peoples' Insurgents.

First there was sporadic gunfire. Then some buildings went up in flames. Several big explosions occurred, and a bridge was blown up. The "insurgents" attacked the town as the villagers fled into the night. There was more gunfire, more burning and explosions. The "terrorists" looted the town and fired into the woods where the townspeople were hiding. As the sun rose, an army unit in a convoy of trucks raced toward the town, entering it with guns ablaze.

Above, a helicopter gunship added to the firepower. The "terrorists" were gunned down, left and right all staged with blank ammunition. The others were rounded up and thrown into extra trucks under heavy guard. In short order, the victorious regular army captain had liberated the town.

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  4. A loudspeaker in the helicopter called the villagers to return. All was safe! Fires were extinguished. Things returned to near normal. Meanwhile, the captain remained with his interrogators, questioning the prisoners. Two "insurgent" leaders were discovered with false "terrorist" papers in their pockets and led back to the village square in chains. Charges were read against them, and the villagers observed them backed against the wall and shot! No sooner had the bodies hit the ground than they were picked up and tossed into the nearest truck.

    Justice had been done. All trucks moved down the road.

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    The battle was over. Before leaving, the captain turned to the town's mayor and warned him against further terrorism.