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ISBN 13: 9781595547347

However, there's a big payoff for the reader. The couples face unique challenges. Without the benefit of a long courtship, they are literal strangers, forced to deal with the personal baggage each brought into the new marriage and blended family.

A Moment in Time Lone Star Brides Volume 2

Coble adds her talented mix of suspense and romance, faith and love, taking the reader along on for the journey. Lonestar Homecoming is a fantastic addition to the series! It's by far my favorite installment to date!

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Gracie Lister has always run away from problems. She's about to marry Border Patrol agent Cid Ortega but not for love. She feels he can provide a good home for her daughter Hope. When she finds out that he has some dealings with the Cartel she demands he get out. He agrees and the wedding is on. While waiting in her wedding gown two FBI agents show up at her door looking for Cid. When gunshots are fired she flees out the back door with Hope, five dollars in her purse and a ticket for the train which she is able to get on heading for Bluebird to hopefully get a job and hideout.

Enter Michael Wayne. He's a soldier returning home to Bluebird after his wife died to assume the role of single father to two children he hasn't really been around. He will be working with the Border Patrol where he hopes to find out who killed his brother. But the killer is now after him. While waiting at the train station for a ride to Bluebird he notices Gracie and Hope. He sees how good she is with her daughter and over hears her tell her daughter she doesn't have any money left to eat.

When Gracie collapses Michael comes to hear rescue. He offers her work as his nanny on a trial basis. She reluctantly agrees feeling like she has no choice. Sparks fly between them but neither want to admit there is something there. When she fears Cid will find her and Michael fears the he may be killed they both agree to a marriage of convenience to protect the children.

Will that truly protect the children? What happens if your marriage of convenience turns out to be love? Who is the real bad guys and will they figure it out before it's too late? I really enjoyed this story. I love the whole "marriage of convenience" storyline. Both Michael and Gracie were wonderful but flawed people who are both very protective of those they love. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Rick, Allie, Jack and Shannon from the previous stories.

I also learned something about Synesthesia. I highly recommend this story to those who love a book you can't put down, characters who stay in your mind and a mystery you don't figure out 'til the end. You could read this as a stand alone but it's a much fuller story if you read Lonestar Sanctuary and Lonestar Secrets first. Great book. Great series. This was another great story in this series! Gracie Lister is running away from her wedding with her 5 year old daughter, Hope, in the very first chapter of the book. She ends up in West Texas with no money, no food and no place to go.

Enter Lieutenant Michael Wayne, a seasoned soldier who in a single father and needs help with caring for his two children. Michael is so good for Gracie and to Gracie and you can see the chemistry between them right off. Gracie is also good for Michael as he thinks raising kids is similar to giving orders in the military. There are people though who are out to get rid of both Michael and Gracie so they must work together. This story was filled with romance, intrigue, and suspense. I couldn't wait to turn the page and see what would happen next.

I didn't put all the pieces together in the story till closer to the end, which for me keeps me more interested. I also thought the cover did a good job of picturing how Gracie really looked. Well worth reading!! This is the third offering in the Lonestar Series from Colleen Coble. I have not read the first two books, and found the third to be an enjoyable read, which can stand independent of the series. Romance is not normally a genre which I choose to read. I selected this book because the description led me to believe the emphasis would be on adventure and intrigue, and less on romance.

But I was mistaken.

Series: Lonestar Series

Fans of contemporary romance novels with a heave Christian theme will enjoy this book. Gracie has spent her life running from the consequences of the choices she has made. The reader meets her just before an ill-conceived wedding, where she is confronted by Federal Agents after her fiancee. She flees in her wedding dress with her five-year-old daughter to her home state and the vague promise of work in a rural town where she believes she can hide from her the cartel her fiancee was involved with.

With no food and no money, Gracie and Hope arrive at the station where Michael, a soldier returning from Iraq, takes pity on them and agrees to help them if Gracie will be a nanny to his children. Michael is the archetypal hero, returning from service to his country overseas to work the border patrol and care for his two children after the death of his adulterous ex-wife.

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Rescuing Gracie becomes his new mission as a complex conspiracy involving Mexican drug and gun runners and corrupt border patrol officers jeopardizes his newly found family. Gracie must confront her fears, her past, and find strength to accept that she is only human, and humans make mistakes. By rekindling her relationship with God, she is able to save her past as well as protect her future.

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson Publishing for review. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. We hash things out somtimes argue things out grin then once we feel like we've got a handle on the continuity plot threads we usually retreat and write our stories.

We keep the communication lines open with e-mails and discussions, sometime phone calls. So it's a daily procedure of checkin on the loop, answering questions, asking questions, sending important scenes to critique and compare and we try to make sure we're all on the same page pun intended! Did you find it hard or easy to work within the series framework? A little of both. Continuities are a challenge but you learn so much about teamwork, compromise and working with other writers. It's amazing that six different writers can all have such diverse writing styles yet work together to make a continuity story flow.

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  8. It's exciting when the books come out to read the others and compare. It's fun--like opening a present! But it is hard in that you have to be able to give and take with the other writers and the editors to make things work. Sometimes, an idea you feel strongly about gets cut and sometimes it gets very confusing especially in a suspense continuity. Homecoming Heroes was such a blessing, however, because it has such a heartwarming, patriotic plot thread and it's about our military heroes. We all agreed that we wanted that aspect of this series to be as true to life as possible and we worked together to make that happen.

    As for me, sometimes I'd rant to the other writers or get a bit defensive but overall, we each did a pretty good job of working peacefully together to make this series shine. I'm thrilled to be a part of it. And who doesn't love a series set in Texas!!!! What other books have you had published?

    Lonestar homecoming

    I've written over thirty books, most of those for Steeple Hill. It's so much fun and such a challenge. And I love to tell people that I have over a million books in print. Who would have ever dreamed I'd be able to say that--a little country girl from Georgia!

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    When you aren't writing or spending time with your family, what is your favorite activity? Well, I love to read. I like to shop. And I love to take trips to the beach with my friends. I even like to cook when I have the time.

    xn--82ca6apj4cmaa2b6azf4b9b2j7fg.com/includes/50/come-spiare-whatsapp-iphone-gratis.php I enjoy sitting in my garden with a good cup of coffee and a good book! And I enjoy getting together with my writer friends at conferences. That is always fun! Where do you do most of your writing? I have an upstairs office and that is where I write. We remodeled a bedroom when we moved into this house and we did it in a beach theme with soft blue walls and sand colored accessories.

    I have beach pictures and a mural on the wall so I can stare off into the distance when I'm plotting. I have a sand colored chaise lounge near my desk. I often sit there to proof or read or just daydream and plot. I rarely write anywhere else in the house because I like to keep that separate from daily life, as much as possible. My office has everything I need to get the job done, including research books and floor space! Wow, I'd love to come write with you. What part of the country do you live it? And why do you like that part of the country? I am a southern girl.

    I live in Louisiana. I love the south because of the beauty of nature we have in the four seasons and I guess because it's where I was born. While I enjoy traveling, I'm always very glad to be home, too. I could do without the humidity and mosquitoes, however. Tell us about the featured book.

    Mine is the second in the series-- Lone Star Secret. It's about a returning helicopter pilot named David Ryland who is helping to bring a Middle eastern little boy to America to be with his paternal grandfather his father was American and killed in the war and to have needed heart surgery in Texas. My hero is a wonderful man, but he is tormented by his past and he longs to find out who his father was.