The Linguist: A Personal Guide to Language Learning

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A History of English Speaking Canada. For Immigrants and Potential Immigrants to Canada. A Final Word. How to Learn a Language. Set Clear Goals. Invest in the Tools. Create Intensity.

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Learn To Express Yourself. Focus On Input First.

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    The New World of Language Learning

    Human Culture is Universal. The Fundamental Similarity of Human Beings. Identity and Language. Natural Learning. The Limits of Language Teaching.

    Ebook - The Busy Linguist - LANGUAGE LEARNING MADE EASY.

    I suspect that this book will be of little use to most linguaphiles, who tend to establish their own methods through their own personal experience and not that of others. The general public wouldn't even ever come across this. Mar 31, Vivian rated it it was ok.

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    I have great respect for Steve Kaufman, and his perseverance in learning the many languages he speaks, this book is not a "personal guide to language learning. Very few actual strategies for learning a foreign language, aside from some tips here and there. Interesting book, but doesn't accomplish its stated purpose. Ningun esfuerzo. Nov 15, Samhy rated it liked it Shelves: english.

    20 Awesome Blogs That Actually Help You Learn a Language

    Interesting more for the view on different cultures than for the learning language process in itself. It was a boost to remind me that yes, indeed, one can learn foreign languages, but there is too much promotion for the author's website and paid services underlying here. Mar 18, Hangci Du rated it really liked it. I am a Chinese reader who read it in Chinese version. I think it rather good, because it's a interesting book about specail experiences. Why should we always be so serious so that we can find some good methods to learn other languages?

    Dec 20, Diana rated it really liked it.


    This book was heavily infiltrated with points on advertising his site and method of language learning, "The Linguist", thus I'm taking off a star. Besides that, Steve Kaufmann offered a refreshing take on language learning and further affirmed the approach I am taking towards learning Spanish. Feb 02, Patricio Iglesias rated it really liked it. Steve Kaufmann is a great polyglot, he uses Stephen Krashen's approach. This book is available on his website LingQ, who is, in my opinion, the best website to learn languages.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who doesn't know how to start learning a foreign language by his own. May 17, Sasha Klymchuk rated it liked it. Nice content. All this useful principles described in the book I knew already. That's why probably it did not affect me so much. Someone who just starts or planning to start his way in the second language learning could find it more interesting. May 19, Guilhermasas marked it as to-read Shelves: df.

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    • Julia rated it liked it Oct 18, Mihaela Mitrofan rated it it was amazing Apr 15, Kigiok rated it it was ok Aug 28, Katarzyna rated it really liked it Jan 26, Leopold Benedict rated it liked it Jan 03, Obadah rated it liked it Jan 26, Alex S rated it did not like it Jul 26, Yosef Vega rated it it was amazing Mar 04, Igor Plekhov rated it really liked it Jun 22, Shiba rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Eduardo Gomes Junior rated it it was amazing Jan 08, Krystyl rated it liked it Jun 01, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Steve Kaufmann. Steve Kaufmann.

      How do we measure language fluency?

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