To Boldly Go: A Practical Career Guide for Scientists

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They are carefully planned and built up over a period of time. International employers insist that you have international experience before sending you to work abroad. The key to gaining international experience is to dive into all things international while you are at university and by taking a gap year off.

You need to build up a host of international experiences before you are ready to start applying for professional international jobs. And the great thing about building these experiences is that you can have a blast doing it! International careers are built on experience in various areas. Here is what you should be doing during your time as a university student to improve your odds of getting a full-time, professional international job after you graduate:. International jobs require a long-term commitment—you need to invest in yourself to build an international IQ.

This process eventually becomes a lifestyle, an outlook on life, a commitment to internationalism and cross-cultural learning. It is an interesting and creative process. Go forth—the world is your teacher. And have fun with the exploration! Jean-Marc Hachey , host of MyWorldAbroad , is recognized across North America for his practical career advice and encyclopaedic compilation of resources and contacts on all aspects of international careers.

The following list of exciting jobs that pay well is divided into five different areas of interest, though some careers could easily fall into more than one category. The list includes jobs in:. Being directly responsible for making sure people stay alive makes for pretty exciting work. Some of these careers can actually be kind of routine—until disaster strikes and it's up to these workers to respond.

Knowing you're in charge when people's lives hang in the balance is a definite adrenaline boost. You never know what you're going to get in the emergency room. You might have simple cases of ear infections or broken bones, or you might have to deal with gunshot wounds and stabbing injuries. In emergencies, the stakes are incredibly high: If you don't act quickly and make the right calls, your patients could die. If you can handle the blood and gore not to mention the pressure of literally having lives in your hands , you might want a career as an ER doctor.

Controlling the movement of airplanes—both in the sky and on the ground—takes some serious mental toughness. Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safety of thousands of passengers during every single shift.

Food Scientists and Technologists Career Video

It's intense, fast-paced work that leaves no room for error. The pressure gets even greater when an emergency happens and you have to guide a pilot to the ground now. If you're an adrenaline junkie, this might be the career for you. When people get stranded or injured out in the ocean or deep in the woods, a helicopter search and rescue pilot is often tasked with locating them and bringing them to safety. You might have to maneuver your chopper through wind, rain, and even lightning to reach your target, which could be anywhere from the open ocean to the side of a mountain.

You may also have to provide basic medical care to people with life-threatening injuries. It's not a career for the faint-hearted. So good flight training is a must. When everyone else is running away from a fire, these professionals rush toward it. Firefighters risk their lives to rescue people from burning buildings and get the flames under control. You might spend most of your shift sitting around at the fire station, but when the alarm goes off you have to be ready to spring into instant action. It's physically demanding work the protective gear alone weighs about 45 pounds, not to mention the hoses and other equipment you need to carry , but it's also very heroic.

Coaching people through difficult situations—like performing CPR on an elderly relative or delivering a baby in the middle of a traffic jam—is all in a day's work for a dispatcher. The whole purpose of the job is to help people deal with terrible circumstances while sending assistance their way. You have to keep yourself and the people on the phone calm while coordinating with police, fire, and ambulance services to make sure callers get the appropriate help they need.

Things can go south very quickly, so you need to be on your toes at all times.

Exciting Careers in Law and Order

Being among the first on the scene at a medical emergency requires quick thinking and a calm demeanor, not to mention a strong stomach. At accident scenes and other emergencies, lives can depend on the knowledge and skill of a paramedic. Your role is essentially to bring the emergency room to the patient. You might have to insert breathing tubes or administer IVs before high-tailing it to a hospital, all the while keeping a clear head.

Making sure criminals get caught and citizens stay safe can be exhilarating work. Danger is par for the course in these careers, all of which come with a high risk of injury or even death. If you get a thrill from being on the front lines and keeping people safe, these careers will definitely get your heart pumping.

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When everyone else is losing their head, a crisis negotiator remains calm, cool, and collected. That's because they're responsible for talking their way toward a peaceful, nonviolent end to kidnappings, hijackings, suicides, and hostage situations.

You need good self-control and outstanding communication skills to make it in this high-pressure career, but avoiding bloodshed and anarchy can make for a real adrenaline rush. If you're willing to endure extreme physical challenges and stand firm in the face of immense danger, you might have what it takes to make it as a Special Weapons and Tactics SWAT team member. These specialized police officers respond to high-risk, volatile situations that regular police forces are not equipped to handle, such as riots and hostage rescues.

Using tear gas to break up a crowd or aiming a high-powered rifle at a barricaded suspect can really get the blood flowing. There's nothing like the threat of being blown to smithereens to add a little excitement to your day. Bomb squad technicians take enormous risks every time they respond to a call of a suspicious suitcase in an airport or a ticking package outside an office building. One wrong move on your part could mean widespread death and destruction.

This career requires a level head, a steady hand, and an inordinate amount of courage. But you do get to safely blow stuff up once in a while. You need a phenomenal memory and keen powers of observation to make it as a spy or as the CIA calls it, a Clandestine Operations Officer. After all, not only do you need to remember every detail of your cover story, but you also need to absorb everything that is said to you—and you can't risk writing any of it down.

Secrets are paramount in this career. The CIA doesn't even want you talking about the fact that you've applied for this exciting job. Also known as bail enforcement officers, bounty hunters work with bail bonds companies to track down fugitives who have skipped bail by failing to appear in court. The idea is to find the criminals and bring them in to face justice.

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You don't have to have a background in law enforcement , though many bounty hunters do. It's highly dangerous work. Most fugitives are desperate to avoid being arrested, and they may be heavily armed. You need to be prepared for anything. Keeping order among hardened criminals in prisons and jails can certainly make for an exciting workday.

Checking for contraband, settling disputes between inmates, and preventing full-scale riots are all part of the job. You have to be constantly on your guard in order to stay safe and keep a tense situation from spiralling out of control. It can be difficult to stay calm and objective in this high-stress environment, but the adrenaline can help keep you going. Working on the cutting edge of science and technology can be a huge thrill. Pushing the boundaries of what's possible and constantly striving for new knowledge can be immensely rewarding.

If you dream of coming up with innovations that make the world a better place, you might want to consider these exciting jobs for women and men who like getting their geek on. Does the idea of using leading-edge cloud computing technology to solve business problems get your blood pumping?

Developing Pathways for Strong Programs for the Future

Try becoming a cloud architect. These big-picture information technology professionals help companies move their applications to, and store their data in, "the cloud. If you get a kick out of working with the latest and greatest technology, have a look at this career. Could anything be more exciting than literally being a rocket scientist?

Aerospace engineers use their knowledge of physics and other sciences to design vehicles and devices that fly—from airplanes and spacecraft to satellites and missiles. On any given day, you could be conducting wind tunnel tests on an aircraft design or modifying a computer model of a missile guidance system. Being able to shape the future of transportation can be a real high. If getting up close and personal with one of the most destructive forces in nature is your idea of an exciting career, consider becoming a volcanologist.

These scientists travel to remote locations around the world to study active, dormant, and extinct volcanoes in the hopes of figuring out how and why eruptions happen. It can be dangerous work, and you sometimes have to contend with hazardous weather conditions.

How to write a résumé, and why

But the ultimate goal is to find ways to predict eruptions and save lives. Designing thrill rides can be a thrill in and of itself. Roller coaster designers figure out how to place the tracks to ensure that a ride will be fast enough to be exciting but controlled enough to be safe. Designers have to test out their creations many times to make sure they meet the right speeds, weights, and forces. You don't want riders getting whiplash, for example. If you're a kid at heart, this might be the exciting career you're looking for.

Want to design and build robots to go anywhere from deep space to the ocean depths?

Common Problems Faced by Biotechnology Students in India - A Student's Perspective |

Robotics engineers draw on aspects of mechanical engineering , electrical engineering, computer science , and even psychology to create machines capable of performing amazingly complex tasks. You could find yourself making robots to be used in surgery, manufacturing, or mining. This is one career that keeps you on the cutting edge.

Few things will get your heart racing like sitting on top of seven million pounds of rocket fuel while waiting for blastoff, repairing a satellite while tethered to the outside of a spacecraft, or watching the sun rise 16 times a day while in orbit. As they say on Star Trek , astronauts "boldly go where no one has gone before.

How many people can say they've explored distant planets and walked among the stars? Collecting evidence at crime scenes and analyzing it to figure out "whodunit" keeps forensic science technicians busy. In this career, you might do anything from making sketches and taking photos to analyzing things like fingerprints, DNA, or ballistics evidence.

Dressing Scientists for Success: Male Case Study

You can't be squeamish, and you have to be very precise. Knowing that your conclusions could lead to a suspect's conviction can be a big adrenaline boost. Working right in the center of the action can come with a major adrenaline rush. Performing for an audience and feeding off the roar of a crowd can lead to a high like no other. If you long for the kind of job that puts you in the spotlight, one of these careers could be just what you're looking for. Whether it's in basketball, baseball, football, or soccer, professional athletes live for the thrill of competing in front of a crowd.

Every encounter is a high-energy, fast-paced effort that could end in "the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat," as Jim McKay used to say on ABC's Wide World of Sports. Injuries are common, but many athletes would say they are just the price of doing business. If you have what it takes to make it to the top, a career as a pro athlete can be immensely rewarding. Have you ever dreamed of a career as an action hero? Stunt performers are highly trained professionals who do all the death-defying feats that would be too dangerous for regular film and television actors: Dodging bullets, escaping infernos, crashing cars, and jumping off rooftops are all par for the course.